Antique White Oak End Grain Cutting Block


Roughly 8” square  and 1.5” thick.

These cutting boards are made from reclaimed, hand hewn white oak beams. They were recovered from a barn in Michigan, as best as we know, that was built by hand in the late 1800’s. Soft silicone feet keep it from sliding on your countertops and when not in use it stands nicely on edge taking up minimal counter space and makes for a visually interesting display.

This 8” square is perfect for those times you just need to cut up an apple or smaller serving.

The cracks and voids have been filled with a food safe resin and the board has been finished with walnut oil. See below for additional care instructions.


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End grain cutting boards, when properly cared for, will last for generations. Simply wash with soap and water and stand up to dry. Always rinse off both sides of the board whenever washing and NEVER let it stand it water, soak in a sink, or place in a dishwasher.

If your cutting board is ever looking dry just wipe it down with walnut oil from a natural food store or mineral oil. There are serveral commercial wax based products you can use as well.

Part of the beauty of any cutting board is the marks it acquires over time, showing it’s individual history. If you ever want to refinish it to look like new it can be sanded down and re-oiled. Just be aware end grain does not sand easily!

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