Barnwood Bluetooth Speaker


Reclaimed Georgia Antique Heart Pine Barnwood. Finished with a warm satin oil finish. Perfect for the kitchen or office or anywhere you would like to listen to music but you want something more interesting than a black box on your desk/countertop. See below for charging and pairing instructions.

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Charge by plugging in the included USB micro cable. The LED indicator will be red while charging and solid blue when the battery is fully charged. Battery life is roughly 6 hours per charge.

Press the button on the back of the speaker for one second to turn on, you should hear a tone. The LED will blink slowly. Look for a device called “My BT Speaker” from your phone or music source. If you cannot find it after 30 seconds try holding the power button for about 4 seconds until the light begins to blink rapidly.

If you need to input a pin use “0000”.

You control the volume with your primary device.

Turn off by holding the button until you hear a tone.