White Oak Salad Bowl


A large white oak salad bowl, approximately 14” x 4”

The cracks have been filled with a food safe epoxy, the bowl is finished with a food safe tung oil and waxed with a  mineral oil/beeswax blend. This bowl is ready for decades of use at your family’s table.

Hand wash with soap and water, dry immediately. Never soak in water or place in a dishwasher. If the finish begins to dull you can refresh it with walnut oil from a natural foods store, mineral oil, or any of the many butcher block type beeswax options on the market.

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This white oak tree was rescued after being knocked over by another tree in Wolfskin, Georgia. We found the tree shortly after it fell. White oak will eventually turn to a soft gray/brown color as it ages over time for a classic antique look.

Finished with a foodsafe Tung Oil.