White Oak Nested Set


Nested set of 4 Natural Edge White Oak Bowls, all cut from the same log section, with a Tung oil finish.

The largest is 15″ x 6″ and the smallest is 7″ x 2″

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This is one of the most unique nested sets I’ve ever turned . Each bowl was cored out of the next larger bowl. The White Oak tree was rescued after being knocked over by another tree in Wolfskin, Georgia. We found the tree shortly after it fell. This set was taken from a crotch piece where the trunk divided into two sections. White oak will eventually turn to a soft gray/brown color as it ages over time for a classic antique look.

The crotch figure runs through the bottom of the largest bowl, and the remaining bowls have easily identifiable grain patterns flowing across the set. Display them nested or spread out, but this is a truly one of a kind set.

Finished with Tung Oil, which is food safe once cured, but I would never recommend a natural edge bowl be used for food. The bark would be impossible to clean and would eventually break off.